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Our Story

Creator and founder of the HoneyDo products Stephanie Tiara Lewis. Entrepreneur, beauty expert and world renowned celebrity hairstylist. 

Stephanie is an artist, creator, entrepreneur based between Los Angeles, NYC and the Cayman Islands. She is currently working on a multitude of HoneyDo products and is excited to share to the world! 

Stephanie is one of the worlds top beauty experts and hairstylists with A-list clients and celebrities such as Vogue, Elle,  Marie Claire, Vanity Fair,  and celebrities such as Britney Spears, Zoey Deutch, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mila Kunis, Jake Paul, Lisa Marie Presley to name a few. The HoneyDo products were formulated, tested and created. Due to the lack of healthy living formulations in the hair product industry, HoneyDo’s scientific technology had an innovative global breakthrough. After searching the world for healthy living hair products, it came up null In void. Which led Stephanie to formulate a team of chemists, scientists, and biotech innovators. Out of persistence and passion Stephanie and her team had a global profound breakthrough in the hair and beauty product industry as we know it today. The HoneyDo hair brand was created ⁣⁣and developed for all color, texture and hair types. ⁣All HoneyDo products are created with no harmful sulfates, paraben’s or gluten, and are all cruelty free and sourced in USA.